Dr. Moaed Al Meselmani

I am a plant scientist with particular interest in understanding the influence of environenmtal fluctuations on crop species.I completed my PhD in 2006 from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in India, investigating the mechanisms of heat stress tolerance in wheat. Then, I worked as a researcher in the General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR) in Syria. I developed a program for evaluating durum wheat lines based on specific physiological and biochemical parameters. Furthermore, I was involved in the development and production of many wheat varieties in Syria including a number of durum and aestivum wheat varieties with high yield and better adaption to drought and high temperature. Since 2015, I am a visiting researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at The University of Sheffield (UK). One main project evaluates the effects of reducing stomatal density on the physiology and biochemistry of wheat under drought conditions. More specifically, I analyse wheat genotypes over-expressing the stomatal signalling peptide Epidermal Patterning Factor 2 (EPF2), which harbour reduced stomatal density. In addition, I investigate the effects of G-quadruplex DNA stabilization on root hair growth in wheat and the regulation of stomatal aperture in Arabidopsis. My research interests also focus on the understanding of metabolic regulations that impact Arabidopsis immunity. Besides wheat and Arabidopsis, I am collaborating with a number of colleagues looking at the relationship between arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and the release of specific root exudates (benzoxazinoids) in maize, including analysis of rhizosphere chemistry.